Max Sparber resume


 “Eliyahu Ha-Navi,” published in Strange Horizons, 2000
“She Died in November,” published in Underground Voices, 2000
“She Died in November,” published on, 2001
“A Gift for Effective Language,” Lorraine and James, 2005 (Pushcart nominee)
“The Devil,” Published in Tales of the Talisman, 2011
“The Cage,” published in Feed Your Monster, 2017


 “Eliyahu Ha-Navi,” anthologized in Best of Strange Horizons: Year One, 2003
“She Died in November,” anthologized in Underground Voices: A Collection of Short Stories, 2006
“Eliyahu Ha-Navi,” anthologized in People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2003
“Language,” published in Frightmares Flash Fiction Anthology, 2011
“Gefilte,” anthologized in First Hand Accounts, 2018
“The Cage,” anthologized in Fangs and Broken Bones, 2018
“The Work Crew,” anthologized in Strangely Funny, 2018
“Grandmaster Clint Eastwood’s Tour of Holy Places” anthologized in Sanctuary, 2018
“The Troll Wrestler” anthologized in Black Buttons Vol. 3, 2018
“The Extra” anthologized in Ye Olde Magik Shoppe, 2018
“The Cinder Bull,” anthologized in Under the Full Moon’s Light, 2018
“The Hunt,” anthologized in Thuggish Itch - Viva Las Vegas, 2018